In  Bengal,  East  India   company  takeover  the  political  power  from the Nawab of Murshidabad with  the  help of Mirzafar  and  others. Nawab  Sirajudaulla  was   defeated in  the battle and thrown out of the thorn. As a  result Muslims  in Bengal avoid to contact with the  East  India Company.  On  the other hand Hindus  were  contact with the  Company and latter with the British Government. They accept  the  offer  given by the  Britisher  to  the Indian and  started  the modern education as directed  by the British  administration. Though Muslims were the majority  community,  but  they  were educationally and politically backward  due  to   refused  to  accept the education from the Britisher. The religious fundamentalism among the Muslims are responsible for their backwardness. Even though they numbered over  50% of the population,  they  held  hardly 30% of  the  posts  under the Government at the time of partition of India.

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