Terror free

World is now concern about terrorism. Ignorance of world leaders as well as many common man and intellectual who were harbouring an ideology that spread hatred worldwide and their followers are not ready to accommodate other faith and they called others as Kaffirs.

  • Religion is the most powerful force of social gravitation without which it would be impossible to hold the social order its orbit.
  • It  is  urged  that   this  uniformity  is  deadening  and  is  to  merely  imparted  to  the   Muslims,  but is imposed upon them by a spirit of   intolerance  which  is unknown anywhere  outside the Muslim  world  for  its   severity  and   its  violence and which is directed  towards  the  suppression  of all rational thinking which is in  conflict  with the teachings of Islam.  As  Renan  observes*:-

    “Islam  is a close union of the  spiritual and the temporal;  it is the reign of a dogma, it  is the heaviest  chain  that  humanity  has even  borne…Islam   has   its    beauties   as    a  religion; …But  to the human reason Islamism has only been  injurious.  The minds that it has shut from the  light were, no doubt, already closed in  their own internal limits;  but it has persecuted  free thought, I shall not say more violently than  other religions,  but  more effectually.  It has made of  the  countries that it has  conquered  a   closed field to the rational culture of the mind.  What is,  in fact essentially distinctive of  the Musalman in his hatred of science, his persuasion that research is useless, frivolous,   almost  impious-the natural  sciences, because they  are  attempts  at  rivalry with God; the historical  sciences, because they apply to times anterior to  Islam, they may revive ancient heresies…”

  •  Renan concludes by saying :-

    “Islam, in treating science as an enemy, is only consistent, but it is a dangerous thing to be consistent. To its own misfortune Islam has been successful. By slaying science it has slain itself; and is condemned in the world to a complete inferiority.”

    This  answer though obvious, cannot be the  true answer.  If it were the true answer, how are  we to account  for  the stir and ferment that  is   going on  in all Muslim countries outside  India,   where the spirit of inquiry, the spirit of change and the  desire to reform are noticeable in every walk of  life.  Indeed, the social reforms  which have taken place in Turkey have been of the most revolutionary  character.  If Islam has not  come   in the way of the Muslims of these countries, why  should it  come  in  the way of  the  Muslims  of  India?  There must be some special reason for the  social and  political  stagnation of  the  Muslim  community in India.

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