Nature and Religion

Scientist will say many things regarding the earth and universe but we common people should understand the  very basic things regarding God and its related trend and behaviour also what of its followers follow and its dictators or preachers. Many may be not agree with me but all most all we now know the ages of the present religions which are 2000 to 4000 years old. Before that will the savage society was there in everywhere and they rule as per their will and wish. May be Zorasthro was the first religious leader who has written his sermon and that has been adopted by others as per their will and wish. Therefore people should not be so much of inhuman in the name of religion or hate someone’s faith. No one should punish if he/she leave some religion and adopt new one as per their wish and will. If some someone leave or adopt faith after careful study of its content they who someone will punish. In the past most of the religious conversion were by force or by love as they have no other way to save their life or their old faith. But now it is not possible to force one faith upon others.

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