How to save innocent?

In this modern days when the people think about to go to moon, mars, other outer space  and other destination for find out new things for doing betterment for the mankind. Scientists are working day and night to invent new things to save the life, treatment for all to get a better quality long life. Good people producing one/two child to give them better life to their children in this complicated time.  From the very beginning the religion was made by the people, for the people of the people to do betterment of life. Now very few people who want to destroy the foundation of religion of human by showing their ugly face and that is also they are doing in the name of religion. No good human can support or implement their evil perverted thinking and all peace loving human must be united to save the earth from all those wolf. Their number is not less as many people think but they have huge sleeping supporters and only vigorous vigilant can deter them which need public support and understanding the danger. The evil design those who want to make in the name of religion will never be success but in their perverted act many innocent will lose their life in future as it was in the past.


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