Hard earn life!

A pistol shot each to her chest and abdomen and 30-foot drop onto the stony bed of a dry well by three teens who thought they were done with the girl. They had abducted her in a car from the end of the lane outside her West Delhi house on November 22. For a fortnight, they had raped her inside an abandoned farmhouse near Delhi but she did not die on whole night where the well is situated, say her steely will kept her alive. When she was sure the men had driven away, she cried out for help. She kept it up all night in the hope that a passer-by would rescue her.

Out in the open field the December night turned frosty and the 15-year-old didn’t have warm clothing on. She had lost a lot of blood too. By morning, her cries rose faintly from the well but a youth heard them and informed locals and police were informed at 8.40am and the villagers, meanwhile, pulled her out and rushed her to hospital.

She was covered in blood and crying when people pulled her out with a rope and gone to Hospital. Her attendants lost hope seeing her condition and doctors at the hospital couldn’t believe she had survived two bullet wounds overnight.

How sad the real story?


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