Women Virginity!

Don’t use any special designated abusive language against any woman! Then all problems will be solved.

A women is a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, whatever may be her profession  this is someone who has kept you in her body for nine months but never complained for any pain, but smiled on every pain, this is someone who fed you when you could not move properly, she took care of you when you needed the most, did not let any harm to come towards you, a women in any shape has only given love, which is sacred and should be respected, and in return the women should be protected.  Never use bad languages for women. Look to her with respect please after all you also have a mother at least. She no needs to cover except modest way. Those who are in bad mind or evils must learn to respect her and keep away about their affairs. They are human enough to stand by themselves. Creator has given more too female than men. Every child irrespective of sex is a creation of nature, whatever defame is for her in the society is the man maid, no body come from sky to make rule to rule exclusively the women only. In Bengal Guruchan Thakur( Founder of Matua religion)  said Ek Nari then Brahmachari, all other women must be treat as your mother so all evil eyes will die on that moment. He has many Muslim disciples also.

The strategy should be developed by the tourism ministry in conjunction with the ministries of home affairs, external affairs and I&B. This includes ensuring speedy trials, sensitization of stakeholders especially state government and law and order apparatus and evolving a strategy to tackle the negative publicity.

Loyalty is the need of the hour not the virginity. Mostly man who is first timer can’t hold so much of time to go up to check the virginity of a woman. No first timer man can do it successfully even little experience one but only much experiences man can check it. Inexperience man will fall instantly if he has not any past experiences; woman should know it as they are not 12-15 years old married one, now 25-30-35 year’s old women’s virginity search is a curse. If so they want that then they should go for 13 years or less. Even now a day 13 years is also playing the fun with seniors, you can go to any park in big cities and in villages they get those experiences on the fields etc. So these topics have no value. Everyone thinks his wife/sisters is ………..but others also think so. Best keep it under the carpet we are now free at least don’t waste your time to search it. Her heart is valuable than her virginity.


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