What is this?

World might have come a long way to be a progressive and people are trying hard to get accustomed to the modern ways of living yet there is a great level of discrepancy in the mind-sets of men.

It is true, most people judge women on some really weird grounds, which is not applicable to the men. And even if that means going to the extent of character assassination, they won’t think twice. Here are a few classic cases where people would think you are a loose character woman if you

If She Go to a Chemist shop to buy condoms:
Smoke and drink at parties:
Don’t get married at the right age:
Come home late:
Wear short clothes:
Love to do clubbing:
Prefer love marriage over arrange:
Hate your relatives:
Believe in modern ways of living:

Have a boyfriend or male friends:

Go out at night in a pub:

Ask a share for her father property:

Disobey any order by father or husband:

Many more can be add to this list.



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