How you can define a religion?

GURUDEV R.N. TAGORE ON ISLAM   he Elaborated further in the context of the extremely brutal Hindu massacre and mass rape of the Hindu women by the Mopla Muslims in Kerala as given below: ..“Dr. Munje said in another part of his report that, eight hundred years ago, the Hindu king of Malabar (now Kerala) on the advice of his Brahmin ministers, made big favor to the Arab Muslim to settle in his kingdom. Even he appeased the Arab Muslims by converting the Hindus to Islam to an extent to making law for compulsory conversion of a member of each Hindu fisherman family in to Islam. Those, whose nature is to practice idiocy rather than common sense, never can enjoy freedom even if they are in the throne. They turn the hour of action in to a night of merriment. That’s why they are always struck by the ghost at the middle of the day.” Rabindranath continues, …“The king of Malabar once gave away his throne to idiocy. That idiocy is still ruling Malabar from a Hindu throne. That’s why the Hindus are still being beaten and saying that God is there, turning the faces towards the sky. Throughout India we allowed idiocy to rule and surrender ourselves to it. That kingdom of idiocy – the fatal lack of common sense – was continuously invaded by the Pathans, sometimes by the Mughals and sometimes by the British. From outside we can only see the torture done by them, but they are only the tools of torture, not really the cause. The real reason of the torture is our lack of common sense and our idiocy, which is responsible for our sufferings. So we have to fight this idiocy that divided the Hindus and imposed slavery on us……..If we only think about the torture we will not find any solution. But if we can get rid of our idiocy, the tyrants will surrender to us.”[’Samasya,’ (The Problem), Agrahayan, 1330 Bangabda, in “Kalantar”.]

R.N.Tagore  COMMENTED ON ISLAM ..“When two or three different religions claim that only their own religions are true and all other religions are false and their religions are only way to Heaven, conflicts cannot be avoided. Thus, fundamentalism tries to abolish all other religions. This is called Bolshevism in religion. Only the path shown by the Hinduism can relieve the world from this meanness.”[Atmaparichay’,self realization) in the book ‘Parichay.’]“The terrible situation of the country makes my mind restless and I cannot keep silent. Meaningless rituals keep the Hindus divided in hundreds of sects. So we are suffering from series of defeats. We are tired and worn-out by the tortures by the internal and external enemies. The Muslims are united in religion and rituals. The Bengali Muslims, the South Indian Muslims and even the Muslims outside India – all are united. They always stand united in face of danger. The broken and divided Hindus will not be able to combat them. Days are coming when the Hindus will be again humiliated by the Muslims.” “You are a mother of children, one day you will die, passing the future of Hindu society on the weak shoulders of your children, but think about their future”.[A letter to Hemantabala Sarkar, 16th Oct. 1933, quoted in Bengali weekly “Swastika”. June 21, 1999]



……..Whenever a Muslim calls upon the Muslim society, he never faces any resistance – he calls in the name of one God ‘Allah-hu-Akbar.’ On the other hand, when we (Hindus) call, ‘come on Hindus,’ who will respond? We, the divided in numerous small communities, may barriers – provincialism – who will respond overcoming all these obstacles?”………….“We were endangered by many invasions, but we could never be united. When Muhammad Ghouri brought the first blow from outside, the Hindus could not be united, even in those days of imminent danger. When the Muslims started to demolish the temples one after another, and to break the idols of Gods and Goddesses, the Hindus fought and died in small groups but they could not be united. It has been proved that we the Hindus were killed in different epochs of history due to our internal discord.”  “Weakness harbors sin. So, if the Muslims beat us and we, the Hindus, tolerate this without resistance – then, we will know that it is made possible only by our weakness. For the sake of ourselves and our neighbour Muslims also, we have to discard our weakness. We can appeal to our neighbour Muslims, ‘Please don’t be cruel to us. No religion should be based on genocide’ – but this kind of appeal is nothing but the weeping of the weak persons. When the low pressure is created in the air, storm comes spontaneously’ nobody can stop it for sake of religion. Similarly, if weakness is cherished and is allowed to exit, torture comes automatically – nobody can stop it. Possible, the Hindus and the Muslims can make a fake friendship to each other for a while, but that cannot last for ever. As long as you don’t purify the soil, which grows only thorny shrubs, you cannot expect any fruit.”[“Letter to Swami Shraddhananda, ‘by Rabindranath, Magh, 1333 Bangabda’ complied in the book “Kalantar”] Swami Shraddhananda was killed by a Muslim.

GURUDEV R.N. TAGORE ON ISLAM. “There is a religion on the earth, which has distinct enmity against all other religions. This is Islam. They are not satisfied with just observing their own religions, but are determined to destroy all other religions. That’s why the only way to make peace with them is to embrace their religion.”

[The above is a part of a letter written by Rabindranath Tagore to Sri Kalidas Nag on 7th Asar, 1329 Bangabda, compiled in the article ‘Hindu-Muslim’ in the book ‘Kalantar’ and compiled in the Complete Works of Rabindranath (in Bengali), published by Viswabharati University, 1982, Vol. 24, p – 375.

Here I must mention the writing of Sarat Chandra Chatterji in Hindu Muslim Unity chapter of his writing Sawdesh, samaj and rajniti. He questioned before independent, Why Muslim leaders never raise their voice against the rape or molestation of Hindu or other minority women? His presume by his experiences and imagined a reply that was, if those leaders get a chance then they will also do the same thing. Muslim’s has to change their mentality towards other religionist. This is true after 711AD to till date.

Any religion with collision with the culture of a country and society then it will be disappearing soon. A follower of perverted version of Islam is frustrated as they feel future is in dark and they will go to their hell..

I have strong objection regarding Islam not the islamist, which has deculturise locals, divided countries without any proper education and left on their own faith except to offer a skull cap.  Muslims are more dangerous than Hindus. Hindus follow religious dictate for practice caste etc. but Indian constitution does not allow it and now they are weak. On the other hand Islam preach one things to followers and follows another’s, they have all diseases from India in their society and included more from Saudi Arabian desert cult, from a mad. Whip out all terror camp in one go from India or we Indian’s will face the same fate as death as the Yazidi male are facing and their women like rape, force marriage or death as islam has its sanction they queted from koran. I am 100% sure and shall be prepare for this for all  those kaffirs who are not agree with me.”

  Most of this people have come from outside of India and following their culture which has nothing to do with Indian culture practice by east Indian state. They have to change their mind set and culture to become a good one like East. As per CRB no rape, molest, torture case are there in Meghalaya etc. Stop cangaru court as Benting stop Sati in India.

All minorities in Pakistan/Bangladesh have tested the Islamic (Beggar, uncultured, terrorist, unfaithful, betrayer) rude rule such a long time.

Muslim’s are ignorant about that they create terrorism where they are minority and make noise by hue and cry and annihilate the minority by killing or forcing to convert them like B’desh where 47% minority has come down to 9%. Islam has deculturized our people, divided our country, insist killing brothers and enslave by medieval mentality. In B.desh 30 lakhs people were killed in 1971 alone. Even dogs were not allowed on the road. On the other hand Israeli army allowed throwing stone to them. Therefore they are far better than the Muslim army elsewhere in the world.

America and its President wake up now and listen This Pakistanis killed 30 lakhs people in Bangladesh. Raped unaccounted. Now 49% minority has reduced to 15% in B’desh. Others must learn from this.

Pakistan has to suffer. They do not allow other religionist to profess their faith with freedom. Like Saudi Arabia not allows professing other religion, Pakistan wants the same.



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