Invader destroyed University in India


India, Bihar’s Nalanda University was destroyed by invader Bakhtiyar

It is said by credible persons that he (Bakhtiyar) went to the gate of the fort of Behar with only two hundred horse, and began the war by taking the enemy unawares. In the service of Bakhtiyar there were two brothers of great intelligence. One of them was named Nizamu-d-in and the other Samsum-u-din. The compiler of this book met Samsum-u-din at Lakhnauti in the year 641H(1243A.D.) and heard the following story from him. When Bakhtiyar reached the gate of the fort and fighting began, these two wise brother were active in that army of heroes.

“Muhammad Bakhtiyar with great vigour and audacity rushed in at the gate of the fort and gained possession of the place. Great plunder fell into the hands of the victors, most of the inhabitants of the place were Brahmans with shaven heads. They were put to death. Large numbers of books were found there, and when the Muhammadans saw them, they called for some persons to explain their contents, but all the men had been killed. It was discovered that the whole fort and city was a place of study(madrasa). In the Hindi language the word Behar(vihar) meand a college.” (Tabakat-i-Nasiri, p306).


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