Few information

Marriage & Divorce in Islam by Dr.Zeenat shawqat ali

  1. British are quite incompetent. Vol-5, 598.
  2. 1st RTC Dr.BRA says “We have been called Hindus for political purposes, but we have never been acknowledged socially by the Hindus as their brethren. They have taken to themselves all the political advantage which over voting strength has given to them but in return we have received nothing”. P-79
  3. Bhim was drinking water at a public water course. He was discovered and was beaten black and blue (p-13 Dhananjay Kher)
  4. Subhas Bose says “Ambedkar has leadership thrust ets p-146
  5. Most Buddhist convert in Islam rest become untouchable under BSO (Jatin p29)
  6. Gandhi is enemy of Untouchable vol-5 p314
  7. You must create a crises by direct action against his customary code of conduct v-5,368.
  8. “Beware of Gandhi” v-5,395
  9. Politician are men with very short memories v-2 p49.
  10. Aswamadh Janga v-4,295
  11. BRA says, It is a matter of opinion whether a foreign bureaucracy anxious to maintain the status quo or a native aristocracy with its narrow caste consideration can be a better protectorate.
  12. Religion is a social force it can’t be ignored.
  13. I don’t like to join any political party or social organisation which is lead by the upper caste.
  14. Political science is the master of all science.
  15. Only 10% educated people are helpful.
  16. Educate, agitate organize. Agitate educate organize, vol-5,475, vol-1 307
  17. A Brahmin is not so much in need of education as a chandala is. If the son of a Brahmin needs one teacher, that of a chandala needs ten. For, greater help must be given to him whom nature has not endowed with an acute intellect from Birth. (May 93 adal badal) Ashok Mitra ICS 1990 14th Dec total 1930.
  18. Desh pran Biren sasmal (Son of a Kaibarta) How he can become the Mayar of Calcutta (Said by Subhas Bose (Adal badal Dec-93)

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