False God says Vivekanand


——————–In our country we hear much about some people belonging to the gentry and some to the lower classes. But in the eyes of the Government all are natives without exception. Maharajas, Rajas, Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras-all belong to the same class-that of natives. The law, and the test which applies to coolies, is applicable to all natives without distinction. Thanks to you, O English Government! Through your grace, for a moment at least, I feel myself one with the whole body of natives……. Nowadays we hear it from the lips of people of all castes in India that they are all full-blooded Aryan only there is difference of opinion amongst them about the exact percentage of Aryan blood in their veins, some claiming to have the full measure of it, while the others may have an ounce more or less than another-that is all….And they have come to this country out of humanitarian principles, like the English…..Their religion also is of the same pattern as that of the English! And their forefathers looked just like the English only living under the tropical sun of India has turned them black! Now, come forward with your pretensions, if you dare!! “You are all natives”,  the Government says. Among that mass of black, a shade deeper or lighter cannot be distinguished. The Government says,  “They are all natives. P-52-53( Caste culture and religion in India)  ………………..

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