What is Nationality? The simple answer of this question is follow the constitution of a country and show your respect to the culture of that country where you live or want to live. If you can not do that then it is very simple to leave that country and land your dream land instead of making problem for the other peaceful citizen of the original inhabitant and their culture.


In 1971 this was in Bangladesh

This is a creation of religion base fundamentalists who are the worst enemy of mankind who are using the name of God for nothing to gain. In Lebanon, more than half of the nearly 500,000 school-age Syrian refugee children receive no formal education, according to Human Rights Watch, despite reforms allowing overburdened public schools to run two shifts a day.

Many Syrian refugee families have no choice but to put their children to work to help meet basic expenses in a country with few social protections and tight movement restrictions. Children who do go to school face difficulties with new curriculums, and many suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or other psychosocial problems.